Sunday, November 16, 2008

allow me to illusrate the irony of my blog name

i do not pray.
i have not prayed in some time.
but maybe, i'm ready to repent.
hands folded
in a requiem
for all the things that consume you.

cause folks, it's time to let go.
of people who exist.
of people who do not.
of habits we can kick.
of curses we can not.

"let us bow and pray"
let our heads fall to our feet
our every everything prostrate
and demons of our egos and vices
will become banshees of the room
until the heart of error ceases
to beat.

but this is NOT the time for an exorcism.
this is not the time to merely evict and goodbye
kill the night's fixation and neurosis
let no breath of beguilement remain
that we can live.

that we can remember.

that you can be.

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