Monday, July 21, 2008

today's headline: "Weekend Breaks Compass"

i'm slipping.

i'm not talking about anyone or anything in particular.

i have just been.. off.. the past 5ish days.
drastic mood swings.
euphoria followed by nausea followed by emptiness.

this is completely unjustified.
my life, both at surface and below, is going excellently.
work is stressful but enjoyable.
friendships and relationships seem mostly healthy.
i'm eating well and exercising.

yet, i'm a yin-yang yo-yo passing through the entire spectrum of human emotion in hour long spurts.

right now i just want to take a few tylenol and sleep through the night's needless confusion.

but rest is not an option, and not just because i need to be prepping for stats.
because there's a gnawing. a parasite that says "you- yes you!- you've failed to find the thing that could fix you."

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