Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreamin' of a Fortnight

Today's reading assignment consisted of 200 pages. I accomplished all but 30. And the 30 I ignored were about women. And I'm a feminist. Clearly, something is wrong in the state of Japan(ese assignments), Dr. Ling! 200 pages and a 15 minute presentation struck me as a little heavy for the first day, but what do I know, I'm just a guy with a job who is still trying to move into his apartment- what could I need free time for? Needless to say, I can't wait for my interim to be over, even if I'm deeply, deeply in love with the subject (omg... I'm turning into Jordan Conrad. shoot me!)

Half-starvation is still the watch-word, but it did improve some today. I got 3 meals in, even if 2 of them consisted of only juice, a bagel, and yogurt. Good news though- when I have the time, I CAN make dinner.. turns out our oven isn't on the verge of exploding. That gassy aroma is just part of its charm, Polina informs.

I've got some room cleaning/setting-up to do, and perhaps, but unlikely, some Pink Fox to attend to.

Tomorrow night, however- it's on like donkey kong, friends. Karaoke summons my ladies and I, and we will not be cruel to her.

Quick P.S.'s: I love my job planning Orientation even if I don't have time for it right now.
PPS- I almost forgot how to ride my bike today, which is supposed to be impossible unless you have Parkinson's or something.
PPPS- I didn't even have time to imagine myself a silver-screen starlet today; que tragic!

That charming Foxy-Sweetness is in my belly, thanks to Austin Underhill. We didn't have a real corkscrew, so he used his remaining Hulkness to bust out the cork- in 3 pieces. This was after we hauled Justin's 10 ton entertainment center up the stairs (something I never want to go through again). Now, I've got some bleedings fingers, sore toes, and 6 hours til I have to wake up and finish my group project. Wish me luck, kiddies!

No sleep yet- we just pulled an entire patio set onto our roof with some twine. Officially the coolest thing I've ever done. I'll drink to that, lovelies.

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Austin Underhill said...

I also heard you gotta squeegee like Luigi?! Dammit, not nearly as cool.