Sunday, May 25, 2008

The King and I (and other such mishmash)

Having gone to church today for the first time since Christmas (which had been the first time since summer), I have a new theory on how Mass should be approached: let's all do it the way the 2-year-olds do. That is, bring snacks, and scream in anguish all throughout the sermon.

Today was Corups Christi Sunday, so the priest devoted his entire discussion to transubstantiation. For those of you not in the Catechismic know, transubstantiation is the Catholic belief that the bread and wine taken at communion literally is Jesus's body and blood. The priest acknowledged that most Catholics don't actually believe it, but proceeded to make terribly awkward attempts to prove it. He nonsensically compared transubstantiation to the National Enquirer and the strange circumstances in which the church office had been robbed last week. He ended his sermon with (and I quote) "It's just so crazy, how could we make it up?" That, apparently, is supposed to be the basis of Catholic faith. I respect any of you who adhere to such beliefs, but I must fully acknowledge that the Catholic Church and I have officially parted ways as of this morning.

I spent 150 dollars on clothes today, and I did it terribly. I hate buying things, so trying on jeans at Pac Sun was like tearing out fresh sutures. Then, after my purchases, I freaked out over being a consumer whore. How the fuck am I supposed to afford my rock-and-roll lifestyle? Worst Marxist ever; also, the worst shopper.

Victoria and I saw Indy Jones IV today. I will not reveals any spoilers, but I must say it was the most absurd thing I've ever seen in a mainstream theatre. I like to assume that Spieldberg is just well-versed in camp and irony and that he did not TRULY see this as an iconic throwback or a satisfactory recessitation of an old series. He probably should have tried to make a new Indiana Jones for a new generation, but instead he poorly remade the old ones with more excessive violence, more xenophobia, and a slight new age twist (just enough to make you uncomfortable). But Cate and Shia were both pretty!

Had my first hit of Indian food since August; best dinner ever.

Lastly, I miss Kville. See some of you soon, I hope.

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