Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greetings from my Kelly Green Shoes!

After reading Emily Bergenzer's about me section on facebook, I felt the need to update. However, I can't say that I have any direction in what I'm about to say.

Well, for one thing, last night was Haley's wedding rehearsal, and she looked absolutely amazing. She had told me she'd be wearing gold(!?) so I almost vomited, but as it turns out, "gold" means somewhere between an auburn and a bronze, and it looked great on her (she's a red head). I was also the 2nd-3rd hottest guy there out of the wedding party and family members, so that was a pleasant boost of confidence:). And, completely out of character, I did actually start crying when they practiced exchanging their vows (not as much as the bride was crying, mind you, but still getting misty over having observed true love). Then, a past her prime soprano took the mic and started singing the world's longest song9, so I continued crying, but for a different reason. The rehearsal itself was continued by 3 hours of decorating for the reception as Haley decided she wanted to cater and decorate for her own wedding (she crazy!), but it wasn't so terrible as I got to do it with 2 old and 1 new lovelies.

I'm very excited about coming back to Kirksville tomorrow morning! Between Joanna and Jeni coming back, Maggie, Miguel, Theo, and Emily already being there, and loads of new friends to make at karaoke, I'm hoping this summer will be a blasty-blast (despite taking smelly statistics:(. Lets do dinners and braid each others hair!

Now, onto the slightly probing, but still fairly superficial closing of my post- wtf, mr. attraction? Why must you be so blitzkreig? Perhaps since I've been so repressed and dormant in the realms of crush for so long, he's coming back with a vengeance, striking me over and over and much more intensely than is necessary. In the past 2 weeks, I've grown quite strongly attracted to 4 guys (attracted to the extent that i would think about them before i went to bed, biting my lip and giggling..and playing with my neck, I surefire sign!). However, the 2 I actually went out with this week have proven to be little more than a pretty face. This just leaves 2, which is still one too many for this boy to handle. Perhaps there's some sort of homegrown squash shake i can take to lessen the intensity in which I experience things, that would make life a lot easier. Or perhaps I can just stop bitching over being mutually attracted to 2 decent people and figure this shit out the hard way.

I've got a room to clean, a car to pack, and a wedding to be in before I come back tomorrow morning. I'd better head. Lata playas!


diurnalis said...

Hey Adam! I say the following to not sound like the creepy facebook stalker that I am:

My mini-feed told me that you made a photo album
I went to said photo album
Then to your page
where I noticed you had blogspot

and THUS, this awkward comment. It's exciting that you blog! You're such an interesting write too, that I might have to put you on my blog stalking rotation. :)


p.s. The previous Atwood poem is amazing. I've never read her before. Any other recommendations?
p.p.s This is Chemistry Lauren, in case you know several Lauren's

diurnalis said...

writer* grr. I'm such a failed typist.

Miss Emily said...

I think her name is Dr. Brattan or Bratter ... something like that.

It's ok, but REALLY boring. She seems to like to show videos instead of lecturing.

There are only 12 or so people in the class.