Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Left Foot and other Disconnected Tales

I was walking to Hyvee a few days ago when my 3-year-old $5 Walmart sandals were punctured by something unforgiving. God bless tetanus shots! The relentless pain, however, has not stopped me from wearing said sandals; these bitches are staying on until I can get to Old Navy in a few weeks and take advantage of their cheap, cheap flip-flops.

Last night was a thousand chips delicious. Steve, Sam, and I went out to Ruby Tues and made fun of each other relentlessly- tres cute and enjoyable. Then I worked on a huge cultural history final I had no idea I had to do. And then I internally mourned the end of dorm life and a summer without constant Molly, Jo, and Steveness. The sadness was, fortunately, counteracted by double stuft oreos.

I had lunch with my friend Manisha today and we eavesdropped on a table full of obese gamers swapping cyber sex stories. I only threw up once, but that was probably just because of the Sodexho.

Steve Kainz's vacuum is the greatest thing since sliced bread... or, to keep with things that clean, the Swiffer? Idk... I want to do an infomercial about it. It's light; it's maneuverable; it sucks hard. It made vacuuming fun, and I feel that everyone should experience it.

Have you been keeping up with this crazy incest case in Austria (yes, I'm allowed to follow sensationalized and pointless news)? Granted, this guy sounds like bad news, locking up his daughter for 19 years and everything, but it got me thinking- will incest always be the scum-of-the-earth thing to do? Will society ever be in a place where it accepts consensual incestuous relationships between consenting adults, or is it just to foreign and taboo to ever be possible? Random and strange, I know.

I feel like doing a lot of things- saying a few goodbyes to those leaving, making friends with those staying, taking shots of whiskey and washing it down with Pink Fox, cuddling, doing the Freddy... too much, no? But there's something satisfying in wanting everything, even if you get none of it. The desire for something, the idea of it, is sometimes enough to sustain us a lifetime.

Time for a walk, I think. My legs are something I know I have control over, and a little exercise and a little ipod action sounds like the perfect beginning to a nostalgic evening.

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