Saturday, May 10, 2008

no lies, just loft

The long day is over and the stretch of night awaits as I write from the world's least comfortable desk chair (via DukumInn Wireless... cause that's necessary). My feet, they are le-tired. My back, she is a sore. But my heart pumps possibility and my mind asks me to forget a night I cannot remember.

You see, last night, I learned my first real college lesson:
Do not get the most trashed you've ever been in your entire life (i'm not sensationalizing- this shit's legit)the night before your parents are coming up at 9am to help you move.

I painted the town red (and, later, a puke green) with Jeni as I chased vodka with rum (straight, as i was feeling masculine). I made lots of friends, apparently. And other things also apparently happened which I cannot remember and do not wish to talk about (but will tantalizingly allude to, especially since I don't believe anyone reads my blog).

Needless to say, today has been awful. I've been running around, shoving 3-peoples-worth of shit into one room until the current tenant moves out, entertaining my parents, and being outrageously ill and hung-over.

A quick unrelated note:
I had to say goodbye to my international students last night; i took them to the train station, got misty as they rode away, and they gave me the cutest present. I'm going to miss those kids dearly.

The cleaning and moving brigade has desisted. The four of us (Austin, Justin, Nikki, and myself) are now huddled in a frat boy junkyard of our own creation, drinking lime beer and red wine, watching Calendar Girls and Indiana Jones (the awful, awful 2nd one- my favorite!), and trying to ignore the leak that is pitter-pattering into our trash can. Not the summer vacation of my fantasies, but a pretty okay Saturday night before the 2 weeks of hell that await me. But for now I'm content, hanging with my boys, dreaming about what our home will become.


Austin Underhill said...

Our home will be something beautiful; something that represents us as individuals; and yet, us a friends. We can enjoy the good and laugh at the bad. Currently you are lying with your feet against a wastebasket that so peacefully collects the urine of Satan. I hope your feet are safe from his waste.

SKBN32 said...

I read your blog and therefore do not stand for a enticing alludment to things that I do not know...therefore I demand info. This can be done at a later date of course. I miss you already and could use a very fantastic Adam hug.

Miss Emily said...

The second is your favorite?


oh, adam. I'm sad for our friendship. It was so small when it DIED!