Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greetings from Honshu, c. 1900

Instead of eating lunch over my lunch break, I'm blogging: has the internet taken over my life THAT completely? Furthermore, I'm a really that concerned with actively shaping my identity (or so self-important to think getting my perspective out there to my 2 or 3 adoring fans is more important than food)? Oh, well!

Yesterday, after some intense Japanage and 4 hours of revising International Student Orientation schedules and presentations, good times began rolling. I opted to only do 1/3 of my reading assignment, so I had a couple extra hours to spare on cleaning up my patch of linoleum (i.e.- my bed room.... slash laundry room). Part of this consisted of Austin and I experimenting with our dysfunctional washing machine. Our clothes are clean and no flooding occurred (despite warnings of our former tenant)... however, the washing machine still hasn't drained. we're going to have to get on that.

So, after general cleanage and fuckingaroundness, Nikki, the latest sweetheart to find her way into my life, came over and made us Chicken Parmasean Pasta (Ruby Tuesday's Recipe!). On top of being the only "real" food (i.e. not bagel or fruit) that I'd had in days, it was absolutely delicious, and her company was much appreciated. Our delicious dinner (wineless, as finished off our 2 almost empty bottles a few hours prior), Austin and I serenaded his laptop until Emily and the lovely and amazing KELLY came over for Karaoke.

Karaoke at the Dukum on Tuesday Night's= a blast! I couldn't bring myself to sing, but I did bust a few moves, and had a genuinely great time. Met some new people; perhaps planted the seeds for new friendship with a couple folk. And didn't go to bed til 3. A huge mistake as I had to get up at 6 for classes and I am, naturally, exhausted. I've got a few more hours of work to put in, then 150ish pages of reading, and then it's nap time lovelies.

I think a summer in Kirksville is going to work out just fine; no more concerns about another summer wasting.

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Austin Underhill said...

It's a shame I am going to miss out on some of the latest fuckingaroundness. Keep me updated!