Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wanted: Companion with French Accent

Once again, I accomplished much less than I needed to. This means tomorrow will be 12 hours straight of studying, but no worries: it just made for a chill evening. I hung out with my friend Theo (who always makes me realize how uninteresting I am and how much I have left to learn... but in an entirely good way!) We watched the least mainstream film I've ever seen, "The Raspberry Reich." It's set up as a socialist propaganda film about a modern terrorist cult, exploring cult dynamics through homosexual revolution. The blurring of sex, politics, and violence was alarming, but certainly very interesting. Great ideas; extremely quotable slogans ("Heterosexuality is the opiate of the masses" and "Masturbation is counter revolutionary"... solid gold shit like that); horrendously bad acting, but I can't expect much out of propaganda porn.

I just got back to my own abode, and I'm watching La Vie en Rose (which is absolutely FABULOUS- check it out. Rarely will you get to see such an emotionally resonant performance) and unwinding for bed.

I almost forgot! This afternoon, I took a nap, and somehow slept through my landlord and roommate knocking all the woodwork and plaster off our living room walls. Everything in the building is now caked in plaster dust, and there are pieces of wall everywhere: Bohemian or War Zone? Glorious, either way.

Love some of you. Like you all. Good night!

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