Monday, May 19, 2008

Livin' Life with Ben Kweller

I've been doing this shit Paul Simon style, leaving you lovelies in the sound of silence. I know you must be concerned... nay, DESPERATE to hear about what's going on in my exciting life. Well, I'm tired, so I'll tease you adoring fans with a little vagueness.

Basically, this silence has been golden- it's cause the past few days have been really great (and, in their own way, busy).

A few things:

1. Not going to friend mixer= worst mistake ever.
2. Jersey Boys was such a comforting little jukebox musical. If it hadn't been staged the way it was (and with the budget it was), it would have been just some hoaky concert (that is, the content of the show itself is lackluster). But a little nostalgia for the old folk and lots of energy for me and well, I was just smitten. I then went out to a Scottish Pub after seeing the show and accidentally ate lamb; I feel terrible.
3. I'm making new friends! (Not replacement friends but new friends). They're quite cute, funny, and nice. One of them reminds me of my brother John (in his proud humility), except for the fact that we have things in common. So that's cool.

Work. Lots of work. And delicious food! Katherine came over last night and made me the world's best pasta. Then we had a make-or-break conversation that definitely did some makage; it's safe to say that friendship is solidified in the book of fuck-yesness.

Time to finish an essay. More to come later? We'll see.

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Miss Emily said...

Come over sometime.

The house is a wreck, but I love company.